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I laughed my ass off!

A satirical reimagining of what a Leftist-controlled America might look like in the future, with winks and nods to Orwell’s 1984.

After winning 101% of the vote, the new AOC Administration is immediately tested by something no one in The Party expected.

It is a future Green America, where one political party controls all aspects of everyone’s lives and cows should no longer exist. Yet a toxic cloud, composed of cow farts is racing toward Washington, DC, threatening the lives of everyone in its path.

As a few Patriots attempt to resist The Party’s overreach, and CCP Network is peddling 24/7 news coverage of one crisis after another, a citizenry no longer familiar with bovine flatulence will have to face what they’ve been told is their worst fear…a Cow Fart Apocalypse!

E.M. Cooter is the new George Orwell, but with a sense of humor.


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